Thursday, 10 May 2007

Its Good to Be Back ...

..... in the balmy south west again. I was almost 'north' - in fact I was in East Anglia for 4 days. During which time, although the sun shone, I was bl***y freezing from the strong biting NE winds. So much so I caught a cold which then graduated to sinusitis. As the Wife/Strife Up North say 'it's grim' - and I was only half way up t'north. I blame my cold virus on a weakened immune system due to bad hay fever. As soon as I hit Suffolk my hay fever went into overdrive. The fields were covered in a bright garish yellow as far as the eye could see. From here to there and back again. Horizon to horizon full of rape fields. I definitely will not holiday in Suffolk again. If you want to steer clear of rape seed allergy then I suggest you also avoid Suffolk April/May. Officially - 'they' say that rapeseed does not cause hay fever. 'They' blame it on birch or other grasses and tree pollens. In which case why was I perfectly free of hay fever in mixed woodlands /gardens in Surrey but had bad reaction in parts of Sussex, a great deal of Essex and most of Suffolk?

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