Wednesday, 16 May 2007

It's All in the Stars

I log on to my BT Yahoo home page and see my horoscope:

"Today is a good day for devoting time and thought to spiritual pursuits, dear Pisces. Do something that inspires you and that instills a sense of wonder deep in your soul. Walk into a church and light a candle, sit outside and watch the changing sky, or spend time in front of a painting in your local museum. Meditate on your concept of God and the interconnection of man and Earth, of past and present. Savor the sense of connection you feel."

I know just what it means. By the time I have devoured the latest blog from the "Wife in the North" and then "Strife in the North" I really feel a sense of connection. Bathroom showrooms - never, ever have real water sploshing around. So you can't test out out how practical these impressive modern bathrooms are when in use. I had 2 attempts until I got it just about almost right. But in the next house we 'makeover' I intend to keep the old flush system and hide it in a box - they are far more efficient that any modern version.

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