Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Counting My Blessings In May

Hmmmmm, thinks .....
  1. I'm still married ... so far ...
  2. Only half of my joints ache
  3. I'm still fat - but if I fell into the North sea I'd survive longer - and it would be easier to float (like cream on top of coffee)
  4. I discovered Westlife (sad - I know)
  5. I have more in my bank account than at the end of last month ...
  6. I can therefore go for some retail therapy
  7. And buy Westlife's 'Let Us Be Frank'
  8. The garden is looking beautiful
  9. I appreciate home again - and My Man, after a break away


The thinker said...

Sorry you Westlife fans out there - it should be "Allow Us to Be Frank" I think ,,,,

The thinker said...

I've been exploring a bit more of Westlife - i think the Allow Us to be Frank CD will be my one and only copy of their work.