Thursday, 31 May 2007

Don't Eat Meat ~ Save the Planet

Can you really believe that there is 'secret email' suggesting that everyone should become vegetarians to save the world from global warming. If the Govt are really so very worried about then why are they not holding their meeting via web cams and video conferencing rather than taking 70+ staff around the world on various 'business' junkets. Ha! Do they think we are all idiots? I bet this point on vegetarian diets being better for the planet was put to some idiotic, naive, Govt official by some clever, persuasive, smooth talker in a large company. Maybe like the giant biochemical seed raising industry like Monsanto. I sometimes think the world is going MAD. No maybe it is just this Govt. After all it was this Govt that believed that there were weapons of Mass Destruction capable of being let off within 45 minutes hidden away in Iraq's bunkers.


The thinker said...

Oh dear - it is so embarrassing - google have blocked me from posting - as they think I write like a spamming robot, well I know it's not up to the standard of Wife/Strife In the North etc but I didn't think it was THAT BAD!

merry weather said...

Spamming robot - Poor darling :(

But glad to read you're having a few more giggles in your house, I can see a fine mind behind Dogger and Crommerty (sp?)... I'm here to encourage you now for the next post to be a chuckling one... :)