Friday, 18 May 2007

Knowing My Worth

A small brown box was delivered Tuesday morning. It held two bottles of Molton Brown hand wash and one of hand cream. Now as soon as My Man saw the products he said he thought they looked 'expensive'. I told him they did in fact cost more than the usual plain antibiotic, anti dirt scrub the mud from under my nails hand wash that usually occupies the bathroom. He wondered 'how much?'. I invited him to guess. He fondled the bottles, musing and then said 'over £30'. I agreed. 'What? more than that?' 'Yes' - we went up in increments until he reached £45. He didn't even blink. He blanched. I told him 'That's right but they will be economical in the long run as you need so little'. I didn't mention the extra for postage and packing. A bottle now stands on the bathroom basin next to a bar of carbolic soap for his use. I scrub the mud from my hands with the carbolic then take two shots of the 'thai vert' hand wash and slather on a couple of squirts of the soothing hand lotion. Bliss. My Man knows that if I'd not gone away I would never have discovered these expensive items which are, from now on, one of life's essentials.


Mopsa said...

That's me, other than the fact it is coal tar soap next to the Molton Brown Thai Vert in the downstairs bog. Upstairs it's all MB with a bit of Lush in the shower room. Something to do with not having kids around I think - you can indulge in gorgeous goodies knowing that an adult attitude will be taken to the squirting of the soapy equivalent of caviar.

Anonymous said...

Coal tar soap - I can visualise it now - and do you know my gramps used to use Lifebouy soap and it's still on sale in Hardware shop in Budleigh Salterton.