Monday, 28 May 2007

Support British Farmers - Please

At our supper party the other evening I found out that some people are under the impression that there are no or very little British milk or dairy products on the market. They were under the impression that the milk/dairy produce was brought into the country and then processed, labeled, and sold under the British flag. They weren't aware of how if you want to really support British farmers by buying British produced milk then you should be looking for the little diamond shaped logo on the label with UK mark inside it or the 'red tracor' logo. We also talked about Organic produce and how if it isn't British Organic then it may not be to the same standards which we think of as organic in the UK. So that is another reason to buy British.

About a quarter of British produced milk is made into cheese. This morning on BBC Radio 4 Farming Today I heard of yet another British farmer selling his dairy herd of 660 Holstein. One animal alone fetched 5000 guineas [i. £5000 and 5000 shillings- which I think converts to about £5,500]. I do love the fact that in this day and age when we are fighting to keep our £ sterling auctioneers still deal in a pre-decimal amount for livestock sales. If we want to protect our British countryside in all its beautiful diversity then we do need to support British farmers. The well maintained almost manicured fields with diverse hedgerows would soon turn to scrub land. And if we don't support British Farmers then it will be no use complaining when we have to import all our dairy and meat products from overseas.


Mopsa said...

We sure do need to support British framers, and as local as possible. Best way to do this is to avoid supermarkets for all home-grown produce and go to your butcher, baker, green grocer, farmers market instead. But if you work that ain't easy. Me, I'm just lucky that I can just grow my own.

The thinker said...

I used to be surrounded by farmers wives where i worked in Glos. I wore a green ribbon - 'support your local farmer' for years. Never met another green ribbon wearer and was always asked what it represented. Maybe whichever charity sold them should set up again. i shop at farmers markets as much as possible and am an avid label reader - I'm doing my best but it's not as well set up in Devon as it was in Glos. A Very and Green, organic and comp therapies kind of county.