Friday, 25 May 2007

Missing Children

This blog will not be displaying the bring Maddie home poster or the web site. Not that I don't have sympathy for the child but there are other missing children ssome from several years ago like Ben Needham and while the family wish to keep Maddie's disappearance in the public eye maybe they could also think of adding other children's photos to the web site. (This item updated and link added on 28th May 2007. See also other comments: )

I've just found out while I composed this entry that this is - International Missing Childrens Day - 25th May 2007.

I can't quite understand why or how this family are getting so much publicity over one lost child. Is it because they are middle class i.e. professional people with the right [rich] friends and contacts? There are other families in the same predicament who fade quickly from public view after a few days. They are the ones for who we should be displaying info on our blogs etc.

I know. It is sad. Especially for the Maddie. But I can't quite understand how these parents - intelligent, professional people could leave 3 very young children alone in a strange country [not peculiar strange but unfamiliar] while they went out to dine. Every evening. I know they checked on them every half hour - but for a child to wake and cry out for a parent [maybe 2 minutes after the last check] then that is 28 minutes for them to be alone, frightened and distressed before Mum/Dad turn up again! Or suppose a fire had broken out? How long before someone would be aware and attempt a rescue? Maybe I have too vivid an imagination. As I've said previously - I've never been a person where I would say "I never thought it would happen to me". This is every parents worst nightmare. But most parents don't take the risk. For a few short years you put your social life on hold - only socialising at home or when you have a trusted baby sitter. You think constantly of 'what if ' scenarios - and if there is a doubt you go without - to keep your child safe and secure. There are enough risky times ahead when children want to start to be more independent. But by that time you hope they are old enough to be 'street wise' and savvy on self protection. I know you can't wrap children in cotton wool. But I think you should when they are so very, very young.

If you are looking out for Madeleine then take a few minutes to also look at the other missing children site: -'s+day&hl=en&um=1&sa=X&oi=news&ct=title


The thinker said...

When I wrote this I hadn't seen the televised interview with the parents. I do feel sorry for them but I feel sorrier still for Madeleine. I just can't imagine what the parents are going through and how long it will take them to get over this. I'm sure that given their experience there are things they would do differently. I thought i always imagined the worst but I hadn't thought that all of the children could have disappeared that night.

The thinker said...

see comment from David Santos on my Careless Carer blog.