Tuesday, 22 May 2007

High Maintenance Woman

Yesterday, when I wasn't faffing round on the PC, blogging, I was busy around the house with various chores. I also was busy in the garden potting up lavish displays of pelargonimums. Today was supposed to be more leisurely. I was due for a hair cut and blow dry. I had missed my regular 6 weekly haircut as I was away . Then feeling unwell on my return, I postponed an appointment. On a 'good mirror day' I felt I looked like a bit like aPre-Raphaelite (plumper) vision with a luxurious head of hair. On a 'bad mirror day' - which are the more frequent - I was beginning to look more like a ' Wild Woman of Borneo". Therefore, an urdo was a rather pressing need. Now, I like to look neat and presentable. I only have my hair done every 6 + weeks - at £24 a time plus a tip - it's not something I feel able to justify more than every 6 - 8 weeks. . Besides, I don't much like being 'fiddled' with. I'm usually too busy to sit back for 1/2 hour's primping and preening. I'm usually a wash and go kind of gal. But today, being tired I was rather looking forward, for once, to a bit of pampering - I blame this unusual happening on the Molton Brown products. Unfortunately, my hair dresser (or at £24 a visit should that be hair stylist?) has a great deal of change going on in her life. By the time I had heard all about her latest holiday in the sun with a girlfriend, her new business exploits, the disappointments over her spouse and then all about her house renovations I was pleased to come away for a few minutes quiet in the supermarket before I had to rush home to get lunch. I'm thinking of getting a notice to wear around my neck. 'Be Quiet. I don't want to hear any more about your problems - I have enough of my own!' That's one of my problems - I think. I've always been a 'good listener'. That's what people have used me for. They like the fact I make them laugh. But at the moment I am dried up and fully out of compassion. And I am having difficulty in seeing the funny side sometimes. Maybe I should think about a few days break - rest, relaxation, peace and quiet - in a spa.

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Mopsa said...

Blimey - every six weeks? My barnet nestles, snakes and splits in the hands of the hairdresser once or at most twice a year. Perhaps that's what I'm doing wrong.