Thursday, 24 May 2007

Glam Gal

I bought a new sun hat when I was in Southwold. I was pleased with it. I thought I looked quite fetching in it. I put it on in front of my sister. She giggled. "You look just like Milly Molly Mandy". Pricked and deflated ego. Oh well - it does keep the sun off my face.


Mopsa said...

Ah well, this morning, moving some sheep around, I was still dressed in nightie and wellies. OH said I looked three years old. Is that a good thing? Was Milly Molly Mandy three?

The thinker said...

I never did find out her age - whatever it is she's been same age for approx 70 years . i found a pic of her in her hat! : -

The thinker said...

Mopsa - You'll have all those chaps who have a rubber and nightie fetish rushing down to Devon for the weekend with a tent, camouflage outfits and binos. They describe themselves as 'Twitchers'