Monday, 14 May 2007

Old Young or Young Old

The peculiar thing about living in a retirement area is that as I get older I still feel very young. I am living in an area where I am surrounded by so many folk who are so much older than I. At least 20 or 30 years older. It's amazing how many 90+ yrs old are still driving and having a good time. East Devon is certainly full of 'old fashioned manners'. Yet when I was in London I suddenly felt my years. Because so many younger folk were holding doors open for me and generally treating me with respect - like an older person. Reading newspapers would lead you to think that it is unsafe to venture out on the streets of cities. Older people are more likely to be mugged and have their purse snatched. And although people certainly appear to talk less to 'strangers' in the street and avoid making eye contact I felt that it was all quite friendly in a contained kind of way. Everyone I met was well mannered. The staff in the shops were cheerful and helpful too. Once I reached home again I was pleased to feel I belonged to the younger generation once more. It therefore came as a kind of shock to realise that today is the 38th anniversary of my first 'date' with My Man. 38 years - when I was 38 I remember being amazed that I'd soon be 40 - it all still feels like yesterday..

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