Friday, 18 May 2007

The Whiteoaks of Jalna

Right - now how many of you remember these books? Did you ever read them? I used to love them as a teen. I think I'll have to get one to read for a trip down memory lane. The author was Mazo de la Roche. I loved books where you had a whole raft of characters that you could meet again and again with each subsequent saga. Just like a soap opera. The whole idea of a family living on an estate in a family house with that whole clan thing going on was the kind of life I always saw as 'perfect'.

I see that her real name was Mazo Roche but that she added the 'de la' . This set me wondering as to what name I would like to be known as an author. Penelope de la Southwell doesn't have quite the right ring to it. How about:

  • Canola de la Colyford

  • Olive de la Oyl [it does flow off the tongue]

  • Corinne de la Beer

  • Theresa che Green

  • Tabitha de la Ware

  • Penelope Deadly

I can see I'll have to give this subject some deep consideration. Until I have a name how can I write a book?


rilly super said...

are you sure all those names aren't already used by black lace authors penny? I think this gives us a clue as to the genre of book you have in mind to write.

The thinker said...

I intend to be a prolific writer. Many styles. e.g I'm saving Butch Selwyn & others for the crime genre.

The thinker said...

I've just found out whatyou mean by black lace authors - I just don't have either the memory or the inagination to write THAT kind of book! Would need to do far too much research ....

rilly super said...

research, yes, would have to be absolutely meticulous I'd say - best get cracking then!

The thinker said...

cracking what ??..