Friday, 11 May 2007

Holiday - Experiences to Remember

So - what did I get up to while away for 2 weeks in the big, scary south east of England?
  1. I took [or rather,was taken by] a shopping trolley up to the 2nd floor on a travelator in a Tesco superstore - scary . I was so sure I was going to topple backwards I rode the mountainous travelling belt behind my trolley with my legs braced - one foot several yards behind the other - as if scaling Everest. I thought that one should try and walk up like climbing stairs on an escalator - not realising the trolley was firmly held in place till the end of the ride. My sister was openly amused but she may not have found it so funny if she'd read about the accidents that can happen. Going down had a different challenge - I felt obliged to canter as I exited the belt. Who needs a fair ground ride?
  2. I had a chance to play bowls on a Wii where I scored 9 out of 10 strikes and also tried my hand at boxing which was a bit more of a vigorous work out.
  3. Saw all my family and friends
  4. Walked in woods full of bluebells
  5. Explored Southwold Pier and the amusements
  6. Found 2 clematis - which I have to add to our collection - in a lovely nursery in Suffolk
  7. Caught a cold in Suffolk , took it back to Surrey and am currently spreading it around Devon.
  8. And finally, something very important which I almost forgot, I discovered Molton Brown liquid hand wash and hand lotion. I just have to source a supplier in the West country now.

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