Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Welcome 2 New Guest Blog Spot

Two bloggers have been leaving me comments recently on my other blog. And as they have no links here previoulsy or on my blogroll I have made them my 'Guests Blog Spot for September'. If you don't know them - do click on the links which can be found at the top on the right and go over for a visit.


Henry North London said...

Thank you sweetheart

Most kind of you

I'm on the Scorched Earth Blogroll but there's not many people who read those.

Thanks once again

merry weather said...

Hi Lady T, just popping in - you continue to find fab new friends I see!

And I'm glad you've repented on the dog front - but marauding badgers in the garden! - gosh, we don't know how lucky we are in our hanky-sized suburban garden, here - crikey!


Henry North London said...

Have posted up a little of the story in gory detail on blog

Oh boy what have I done

Oh well it can always be deleted if necessary