Sunday, 2 September 2007

Man's Best Friend

I am trying to re-dress the balance re dogs. I do seem to have a rather cat heavy blog here. I have just been to visit some of my pen pals and I see that Clever Dick claims not to be a dog fancier. But as he only appears to have come across waltzing or tap dancing dogs then it's not surprising. I would have thought he'd enjoy the slavish devotion from a dog. After all they do say a dog is a man's best friend.

I thought I'd trawl the net and look for a site to add to my blog roll to balance the Cool Cat's Blog: George online. Then I found this Give a Dog a Home Blog. I'm wondering whether we could take on another house pet. I believe the perfect home includes, an Aga , a pantry, a cat and dog. I don't have an Aga or a pantry, but ....... I started to trawl through the site looking at all the dogs that need a home. And then I found this beautiful lady - Sky - and I'm in love. I'll go to sleep on it .... I want to let my heart rule my head but ..... tomorrow I may revel in a clean and tidy house and decide to let my head rule my heart.

I'll just have to ask myself do I want a perfectly clean and tidy house or do I want a home?


teeni said...

Awww - Sky IS beautiful. She is already 7 years old so maybe she wouldn't be very messy. Who says you can't have both and have a TIDY HOME?

Flowerpot said...

go for the home definitely!

Mopsa said...

Go on - you know you want to!

Henry North London said...

I have a dog I bought it as a puppy after I broke up with James

She's three now I can supply a a very soppy picture if you like but a jack russell is likely to tear about the house and be very guarding

My dog being bigger doesnt bark as much but then Dobermans dont usually bark unless they dont like what they see

Poetess said...

Pets are known to be very therapeutic and would opt for the home. But having just paid a £90 vets bill I wonder if its sucha good idea.


lady thinker said...

Awww - she is a beaut and YES I DO WANT to. But we have problems to sort first. One of which is practicalities to sort such as our garden is not secure to keep perhaps an untrained dog in - I'd fence it in but we have badgers who break through and demolish fencing. Perhaps I should look at an electric fence! Or a move to town and a neat suburban fenced garden. Meanhile I take on board poetess comment! I'll lie in bed and think of the money I'm saving.

Flowerpot said...

yes, I've just spent over £100 in vets bills for the cat recently - and worth every penny. Sky looks wonderful - spoken as a JR owner and lover!

Henry North London said...

Pet insurance for pedigree older dogs is a nightmare ( 700 quid a year)

Don't do it unless you are very sure

thinking about having a dog is the best way of having a pet.

The reality is somewhat different

You become tied to the house or the dog has to go with you everywhere.

lady thinker said...

Am used more to black labs and irish setter - and am know we would not cope nowadays with energetic highly strung Irish setter.
I think I'll settle for blogging, dancing and reading and just fuss and dream over dogs I meet when out walking. i might look later at adopting a dog temporarily for the Cinammon Trust - maybe.
Thanks for all your comments.