Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Second Lifers

I see that the virtual reality world of Second Life is about to be sued in the real world. After I mentioned Second Life in a July posting I did join this virtual world. I created an avatar and provided a name. Although I had the chance to be wildly exciting and different to my real self I found that I was choosing something plain and simple (the girl next door look) - just as I've been in real life. So having joined I never got to go any further. Now that I hear this virtual world is becoming dominated by money launderers, politicians, paedophiles, and sex toy salesmen then I begin to ask myself what could it possibly provide that we don't have in real life? If it cannot provide something different then what is the point of it all?


teeni said...

Well, this should be interesting to see what happens in court - if real money weren't somehow involved I bet it would have just been thrown out.

toby said...

Sometimes I think you think too much, lady thinker. The point of Second Life is that there is no point to it. It's the same as watching mundane tv soap operas which reflect our own mundane lives. Like watching football, they are simply ways of distracting us from thoughts of revolution.
That's what I think anyway :)

lady thinker said...

I know what you mean teeni.

And Toby - your comment reminds me of that 'sport' rollerball a violent pointless game invented to keep the massess occupied in film starring James Caan (1975)
You're right I do think too much.

toby said...

Think I saw a remake of that film but can't remember the name.

At a recent Chelsea football match, a fan held a banner which said "This is our club, Roman, not your toy!"
How naive?!

lady thinker said...

The remake was also called Rollerball - I din't see it but hear that it was nowhere near as good as the original - which turns up occasionally from time to time now and then...