Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Early Rising

I was awake very early this morning - 5.30. I'd just had a dream of our cat - Lacey. She was fussing and purring around me as she often did when she thought it was time I should wake and feed her. It was a very comforting dream I thought how fine she appeared even though I knew she was now dead. I suppose this was my brain's way of letting me know I've come to terms with being in a pet free zone. The trouble is that as we have no children our pets over the years were child substitutes. I did invest a great deal of emotional energy into them - especially the 2 cats. Cagney and Lacey were with us for almost 20 years - a lot of love builds in that time.


teeni said...

I still miss Peanut Butter, the cat I had for 24 years even though I've got two "new" ones. Every so often thoughts of her just hit me and I miss my little loyal buddy and the tears flow. But she is not suffering and she had a good long life. So that makes me feel better to know.

Merri said...

Yes; our pets always stay in our hearts...
I used to think I heard our Mimi having her dinner(the dish being pushed around and the loud crunching sound)
I think that you are right about that dream!