Thursday, 1 November 2007

Guest Blog Spot for November

It's Guest Blog Spot announcement time again:

It's really amazing how quickly it's time to wipe St Billy and Mark Wadsworth off their position at the top of my Blog side bar. But I've enjoyed having them around so have promoted them to my regularly read links list. I really should get on and sort this list into some kind of order soon.

My choice of Bloggers to take on the now vacant Guest Spot are:-

  1. Toby - he has 2 blogs available [a] and [b] which is a work of fiction. I know that [a] may also be entirely fictional account as well but I preferred [a] to [b] ! Please go on over and check them out for yourselves.

  2. Winchester Whisperer's blog which is called Winchester Whisperer.

I hope you'll find them interesting and enjoy reading their work.

For readers who are unaware of how to join in the lottery of guest blog spot then all you need to do is leave a comment on a 'And - Who Cares' posting during November. Following a visit for me to inspect your blog - on the proviso it is not too vulgar or blush making I'll choose to link you the Top Slot for the month. After that if I become a regular reader you'll be added to my links list otherwise it will be 'farewell and nice meeting you' kind of thing. Do join in it can be quite fun and interesting for other bloggers to get to meet you.

Meanwhile thanks to everyone for thier comments on entry Personal Experience. I will be replying and posting later but may not be today - as we have the builders in again.


Winchester whisperer said...

Many thanks for that. I enjoy your blog.

teeni said...

LOL. I thought I'd be your first November comment but I see Winchester Whisperer has beaten me to it! So instead I'll just say hi! HI! :)

toby said...

Blimey! Not sure what to say. Except, thank you.

Most names and some chronology in blog [a] were altered for the purposes of anonymity; but all events described are true.

Some of the events in my storyblog [b] are invented (and most of the dialogue!), as is the main character "Tanya". In reality she is two people; former neighbours, now friends. If the story becomes too blushworthy in the next month, I'll understand if you strike [b] from its position of honour.

It's interesting that you enjoyed my real troubles more that Tanya's "fictional" one's! Hmm :)

toby said...

Apologies for the renegade apostrophe at the end there. Wretched little digit has a mind of its own sometimes!