Thursday, 1 November 2007

Builders' Mate

On consideration I think I'd like to be a Builder's Mate.

This is the most wonderful time. When the builders have packed up their tools and leave you in the peace and quiet of your home. After a day of banging, drilling, scraping and whistling. To be able to poke and nose around; to explore and see exactly what has been done.

A local builder has been in to supply and fit a new fridge and a freezer, adjust the kitchen units so the doors fit, refurbish and do a 101 small DIY chores. DIY chores that my husband is no longer able to do himself. I'm so thrilled to have a new integrated larder fridge and a freezer. I'm so pleased that I'll no longer have to kick the door on the fridge to get it to close properly. It is quieter and taller than the old one. It is taller than I. It is huge. It is beautiful. It also has a wine rack. It feels very decadent. The freezer is the same size as the old one but the door now fits snugly. It runs so quietly I have to keep checking it is actually freezing down. The builder will return tomorrow for some more carpentry work to be completed and he's going to re-seal a leaking shower. Bliss. This is the next best thing to moving house. I feel as if I have a new kitchen. And tomorrow once it's water tight and I've scrubbed it out I'll feel as if I have a new shower room.

I think next time round I might choose to marry a builder and become his mate.


teeni said...

I didn't realize you were having so much work done. That must feel great to have new appliances and things. I know I like it when it happens to me! ;)

lady thinker said...

Yes - Teeni. Small but many jobs. When we first moved into this house in 1999 within a few months we started to personalise it and update neglected corners. All of that came to an abrupt halt in 2001. some projects we were half half way through or making plans.
With 2 elderly cats we also went into 'open plan' living and removed doors to the main living rooms.
Now being a cat free environment and needing some privacy between the 2 of us (so that one can read quietly/or gossip on the telephone while the other is watching TV) we have also had the doors replaced with new ones. It's quite cosy for a change - especially now as winter draws on. 8-)

teeni said...

Sounds nice! TGH and I have been working on our home renovations since 2000 so I know what that is like! It's not always the easiest to live with. But the results always seem to be worth it! I'm glad you have a cozy feel now, especially in the cooler weather. I have my corners that I like to sit in and curl up with a blankie and hot beverage too!

Winchester whisperer said...

I don't think being a builder's mate is as good as you imagine: could you face the endless washing and days in the pub when you're on an "outside job" and it's raining, plus the continuous bickering with customers about what was in the job spec and time overruns. On the other hand, I suppose you'd be up to date with modern music and have no shortage of fast food.