Monday, 26 November 2007

Charity Begins at Home

I see that there are a few newspaper reports that the Royal College of Nursing is about to sell the homes of elderly ex-nurses living in the Brighton area. I thought that all tenants were under some form of protection from eviction. I hope that if the estate is sold the cottages are sold as with 'sitting tenants'. I don't like to think of the RCN as being money grabbing property developers. They obviously don't want to be seen this way either.


teeni said...

This is just sad.

Winchester whisperer said...

quis custodet custodes?

lady thinker said...

I know teeni - it is isn't it.

Win Whisp - I just knew you were too classy for me. Is this Latin or Spanish? who watches the custodians?

I just hope the Charity Commision are keeping an eye on them - if not the local media!