Friday, 30 November 2007

December Guest Bloggers Will Be .....

For December the new visiting bloggers to leave comments have been many. Thank you all for visiting and leaving your footprints. I haven't had chance to visit each blog to read all your works. So this month - as it's the month of 'Christmas and Good Cheer' to all men and all that, here are a few bloggers - not already on my blogroll - who left comment(s) during November: -
  1. Eurodog training

  2. Iota - experience of Brit woman living in Mid West USA

  3. I Am the Diva

  4. Kami's place
  5. Kaylee's blog - a teenager who recently had a heart transplant

  6. Robert - his wife has agoraphobia

  7. Diane - a blogging mother

  8. The Swearing Mother - don't all mothers swear?

I am sure you will find some interesting reading here - do explore them.


teeni said...

I think this is a nice thing you do to recognize fellow bloggers. Maybe sometime you can post about how or why you started doing this?

lady thinker said...

Well teeni - this idea started when I was celebrating my 2000 'reader' in July. see: -

I rather enjoyed the idea of a pot luck way of adding new bloggers for a short while and it continued from then on. Some blogs which I do keep in touch with and read regularly - at least once a month -then they get added to my blogroll. Otherwise it is a one month guest slot only.