Sunday, 4 November 2007

Blogger Brain Goes AWOL

I really do get quite tired of Blogger sometimes. It usually behaves so well and is quite intuitive then suddenly it goes berserk and changes all the rules. I have been able on previous posts to add an updated comment to an entry - and all is OK. But over the last few days the entry has suddenly been altered to today's date. I fiddled a bit yesterday - 4 times - and it wouldn't let me put the date back to where it belongs; end of October. I tried again this afternoon. Again Blogger updated the entry as if just published post today ! I'm sorry - it must be very confusing to all of you who've read the post on Personal Experience earlier this week. But believe me - I am not wallowing in self pity and have posted a couple of other entries since!

All I was trying to add to that post is:

The light box therapy appears to be having a great beneficial effect. I am less affected by the gloom of early winter. I feel more alert, sleeping better, waking earlier than I've ever managed before in November and feel more positive.

Right now I've said it:

If you care to trawl down the page you'll see a couple of entries that I've posted since writing Personal Experience.

Confused? So am I. Fret not - normal service will be returned next week. (I hope)


merry weather said...

Glad the lightbox is helping - sounds a good idea!

Eurodog said...

These things drive you mad, don't they?
Today my beautiful screensaver went, just disappeared without me doing anything. It was a picture of a beautiful sailing boat in action. Full sails, waves, the works. I found it soon after i got my laptop a few years ago now but I cannot remember where. Rather tha getting worked up about it, I found a nice picture of Belle in my documents and she is now my screensaver. Do you think there is a message there?

teeni said...

Okay, I'm a little confused but that is normal anyway. LOL. I'm so glad that the lightbox seems to be helping. That sounds wonderful. I need to get my sleep patterns straightened out and then hopefully I'll feel wonderful too.

Winchester whisperer said...

This November's not bad so far, is it? Mild and more sun than usual.