Monday, 12 November 2007

Tale of Woe

My Tale of Woe is that I've had a bout of carpal tunnel syndrome. It crept up on me rather slowly. I've had problems hitting the correct keys when I've been touch typing. It's my left hand that is the problem. It has rather curtailed my blogging posting entries and replies to comments. I've also had to cut back on leaving so many comments around on other blogs. But do be assured that while I am still visiting all my favourite bloggers - I'm just being a little more silent than usual. I am not at all sure what brought this pain on - it isn't as if I've been pruning shrubs recently. But I think I have found the trigger point in a muscle of my forearm which needs regular self massage to try and free up my wrist and thumb. I am relatively free of pain today - so I hope I'm on the road to a cure.


Anonymous said...

You should try typing with some other body parts for a while - it won't work but it will be funny!!

teeni said...

Oh, sorry to hear about the pain. I've been of the mind that lately these new wrist rests are actually causing more problems with carpal tunnel - they allow the person to get lazy and let their wrists rest instead of holding their hands up in a proper typing position (oh my old typing teacher would be so proud if she could hear me now). I've noticed myself that when I am more alert and am holding my hands with the wrists up (with no supports) and the fingers curled downwards, that I make less mistakes and feel more comfortable. But when I allow my wrists to drop down and the finger-side of my hands are angled up towards the screen, I have more pains and issues.

Stinking Billy said...

Hurry back, We're missin' your kissin'.

Winchester whisperer said...

Poor you. I hope you feel better soon.

Flowerpot said...

poor thing - do hope you improve soon, must be very painful. take care.

Mopsa said...

I found sleeping in a stiff wrist bandage (it has some kind of steel plate inserted that forces your wrist to keep still) worked wonders after a few weeks. Oh, and using your mouse with the other hand.

toby said...

Third time lucky? First comment blew up on me, second attempt stymied by absent word verification.

teeni is right! Mustn't let your wrists drop while typing. Sit up straight, shoulders back, use all the upper body not just the fingers.

You'll probably get painful knotty muscles between your shoulder blades but a hot bath or massage will sort that out! :)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Those buggers at work gave me one of those modern fat, high keyboards two days ago and my left wrist is hurting something rotten already. For some reason I do left wrist on desk (lazy) and right wrist in air (like Teeni says). Ah well.

lady thinker said...

Mutley - do you mind - you promised not to tell everyone about my 'funny body parts'.

I know teeni - it's not a wrist rest ..

St Billy - ;-) xx

Win Whisp and Flower - thank you both.

Mopsa - I frequently swop from right to left and then back again. also know which keys to use to get around without too much mouse work

Tobeee - can tell you are a medic --- almost >> you are soo right on there - its a shoulder problem

Well Mark - time to mend your ways before you're too old.

thanks all xx