Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Bye Bye Blackbird?

Oh - I am so glad to be back and able to post posts again. I have a couple in draft form but not quite ready yet - and as I've been busy window cleaning and have friends again to supper tonight I don't have much time.

I am rather anxious that I've upset blackbirds nesting. I was shearing back a Clematis Montana when I came upon a blackbird's nest. Stopped work on it immediately and threw some loose fronds of clematis back over the area. But I am now on tenterhooks as to whether the birds will return. We don't have a shortage in this area as blackbirds and robins seem to predominate this year but I will be so sorry they have abandoned the nest.

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merri said...

I think most birds are pretty resilient; often we have had nests almost at our front door and the birds fly out in alarm as we come and go but don't abandon the nest.
I like your blog!