Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Window Dressing

The penny has finally dropped. When blogging you are only as good as your last post or your first page. Especially for those people who drop in unexpectedly. You may well have written something - once - that was quite profound, witty, clever, controversial or beautifully crafted [maybe a few postings ago]. But if your last postings have been mediocre then those chance passing strangers just wont stop long and will not be back again. So to build an audience of readers thirsting for more then each and every post needs to be spectacular or amusing in some way. Or your page set-up needs to entice them to explore further .... so if you are just setting up like Merry here, and are faffing around with enticing colour schemes - then play on - it is important.

I've just found another blog that I'll be adding to my reading list - and maybe adding it to my sidebar later. It's all very interesting meeting so many new people every day. At least this next winter will be less dreary than the last with so many interesting blogs to read. Thank you, to you all.


Strickley said...

How do you find the time to have more than one Blog? And do you keep them all up to date?

One is as much as I can manage, and days can go by with nothing to say - or more likely no time to put my thoughts on virtual paper.

rilly super said...

you are quite right my dear, once a blog has been going for a while it seems very few people read back more than a couple of posts they may have missed. I suppsoe this is more of a worry for the big blogs than for the likes of you and me though. It's a cruel world this blogging, yet it's supposed to be fun, isn't it?

The thinker said...

Hello Strickley, 2 of my blogs are more low profile than this one - so not too much time taken. As to this one - I manage - probably because i am not a farmer! Had a peek at your blog and the Farm website - interesting. We used to have many a happy holiday in cumbria - in fact we spent our honeymoon by Ullswater - aah - such simple pleasures in those days!
Rilly - what makes you think that this and thine are not going to be the BIG blogs of the future - everyone will be talking about us -perhaps this next winter?