Saturday, 16 June 2007

Tony Blair Man of Steel

Have you noticed how practically everyone, from newspaper journalists to tv and radio; each and everyone one of us is counting down the days to our release from a much loathed and despised Prime Minister. Don't you just love the fact that we won't have to have him preaching and prissing on to us.
Does everyone or anyone admire his Bravery in the face of adversity? He's constantly telling us that the war against terrorism is important and 'we must not allow them to change the way we live'. Don't you just love that phrase? No - the way WE live hasn't changed. But have you noticed that Tony no longer walks to the the House - he is driven just a few hundred yards in a bullet and bomb proof car. He is even getting terrorist resistant car[s] for when he retires. He obviously doesn't trust his God that much. I doubt we'll be seeing him on the tube or bus in the future or at Lord's cricket ground. He's always full of fine words but it is very much a case of don't do as I do, but do as I say.
Margaret Thatcher was bombed in Brighton and John Major had a rocket fired on him in Downing Street but there was no sign of them changing the way 'we live'. I reckon they were much braver than Blair is with his quivering lower lip and manly 'butch' stance.
I just hope that Gordon Brown doesn't lose his main virtue of [apparent ] 'honesty'. With Gordon there is an impression of a belief in his belief [s]. Whether you agree or not with him it is to be admired. Rather like Margaret Thatcher, with her many unpopular decisions. There is much to be said for integrity. I hope Gordon will retain his. Time will tell . But we do need something to change for us, the electorate, to regain trust in the people who represent us in Parliament.
I'm not sure that Tony ever had any integrity. I've only ever seen Tony as a celeb with a big desire to be a great, much admired star on a huge stage. Margaret Thatcher the Iron Lady or Tony Blair Man of Base Metal - I know which I'd prefer. Lets hope Gordon Brown turns out to be made of sterling silver or better still, a diamond of the first water.


merry weather said...

Like or dislike Blair? - hmm, a slippery fellow. Yet hasn't he received his just desserts by now? It's a huge job and someone has to do it and become changed/corrupted by the power..... Who would want his conscience - what a weight.

Not terribly keen on Gordon either, reminds me a lot of a former boss, grr!

Your blog gets brighter and brighter Thinker! Cool!

Anonymous said...

like the time time he said he would be glad and proud if his son served in Iraq- safe knowing they not inteested in doing so?
what do you think if he get job of european head honcho which he now angling after?
Essex Conservative

Anonymous said...

Yes - slippery as an eel - Merry - I glad to be cool, thanks.

Hello Essex Cons. And can you just imagine how Cherie B would cope if son was in Iraq or Afghanistan - she was in tears when he was just at Bristol Uni while she was trying to buy him a flat with help of Pete Foster? As to Euro President - I can't bring myself to imagine it. Poor GB - lets cross our fingers the German/French/Spanish stitch him up good and proper!
The Thinker