Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Pen Pals

As I am getting into this Blogging Life I'm beginning to meet some fellow bloggers who I'm beginning to think of as 'pen pals'. From their writings and stories I'm starting to get an image of some of them in my mind's eye. I would love to know just how close to the truth these are. In no particular order they are:
  1. 'Strife in the North' by Rilly Super

  2. 'Wife in the North' by Wife in the North

  3. Mutley the Dog days out

  4. Merryweather who writes about Merry Daze

  5. The Poetess

  6. 'Ramblings' by Mopsa

  7. Around My Kitchen Table

  8. Pig in the Kitchen

If you'd like to look at their blogs just click the links that are in the right hand column under the heading 'some impressive and amusing blogs'


The thinker said...

I didn't link everyone's blogs on this as I'm worried Blogger will see me as a spamming robot again. But all the above mentioned blogs can be found in the blog roll links on the right hand side.

Mopsa said...

Hi Pen pal! Isn't it nice to pick up on a teenage habit that almost certainly dried up after a few well-intentioned efforts? Some of my non-virtual friends read my blog - I haven't yet dared ask any of them if they think it reflects what they perceive as the real me....

merry weather said...

(quacking softly as she flapped in....)

See you as a Victoria Wood/Jo Brand hybrid - ?

Poetess said...

Hi Thinker

I have just read this blog. Its great and when I clicked on myself as poetess who should I find but Pam Ayres. She is my writing heroine and I saw her perform a months ago. She was great and I guess I do aspire to be like her. Hope I have her success too. Thanks for the mention too.
I have imagined you like Felicity Kendall


The thinker said...

Felicity Kendall? - I wish - the only thing we have in common are facial dimples.
Quackers Merryweather is right - More like Jo Brand but without the husky voice and lot lot taller and older. Also a bit Victoria Woodish but with dark curly hair. So with those clues you'd be bound to recognise me if we bump into each other one day.

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Oh how I wish I resembled the delectable Nigella Lawson! I even more wish I could cook like her. Now how do I see YOU? Mmmm, let me think ... the love child of Eric Morecambe and Joan Bakewell - funny and clever!

The thinker said...

AMKT - thanks - I'm trying to imagine Eric M and Joan B as a couple! I do wear glasses! I'm sure you're much more fun than Nigella.