Friday, 29 June 2007

Laser Summer's Day

What a depressingly gloomy week. All the wind and rain is shredding or drowning the garden. But in comparison to the floods in the north it's nothing. I'm sorry to say that Rilly Super is still away - [where has she gone? - just when I'm relying on her to cheer me up]; the wife in the north sounds down too. Wifey has had back trouble, the builders rubble and a kid with the collywobbles to contend with [not to mention her birthday].
Yesterday I took my feet to a podiatrist. She watched me walk up and down and diagnosed a right stiff ankle and a loose flabby left foot. My feet roll inwards as I walk. If I buy inserts at £220 I will be cured of pains in my legs, lower back and neck etc. I hope she is right. For my age I was told I 'have good feet'. It's just the way I use them that's not very good. My feet were lasered for a 3D image of my foot bed which was sent off to the USA where the inserts will be made. In a few weeks time with these orthotic inserts I'm hoping to take to the hills and trip lightly over rough ground like a startled impala. On the journey home I drove around a bend and found myself looking at a policeman crouched behind a lamp post with a radar speed gun in his mitt. I don't usually speed but am worried all the same. Just in the same wayI feel guilty or blush if a PC asks me my name I'm worried that I was doing 35 in a 30 mph zone. At the moment I have a blemish free licence. I don't want points and I don't want a fine - not after spending £220 on orthotics I don't. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I've been lasered twice in one afternoon.


merry weather said...

Hi Thinker - glad you're back, where've you been? I've missed you. Sorry about the feet :(.

Forget being "old"... you've a great sense of humour and you're sharp witted... what's old anyway...? 90, 110, dead and buried - summer's here, let yourself go.... !

The thinker said...

Thanks Merry - older is when you start to ache 'most days' but if inserts help then i may soon be feeling like a spring chicken.
I used to lnow people who were in their mid 70s who took meals on wheels in to the 'old people' - and an old lady of 85 who disn't want to spend her money as she was saving it for her old age ... not sure when 'old' starts .... just know not as young as I'd like to be..
Like the bit about the sense of humour and sharp wits - thanks.
I let myself go about 5 years ago ... when it all started to head south ... x

Poetess said...

Hi Thinker.

My feet feel about ninty but my head is still that of a young girl. I want to wear slippers and comfy leather but I want to wear flowers and diamantes in my hair.

I feel a bit of a missfit!!


The thinker said...

Poetess - you hit the nail on the head!

Around My Kitchen Table said...

"Trip lightly over rough ground like a startled impala" - I love that phrase, don't know why, but I really love it!

The thinker said...

Around My Kitchen Table - how kind of you to say how much you like the expression. Thanks for taking the time.

rilly super said...

crikey, your life sounds like that of an extra in Star Wars my dear